Meet our Hebridean sheep, brought to these parts we think by Norsemen centuries ago. Our neighbours. Highland Cattle are the quiet unassuming giants around these parts.


We spent over three years restoring and rebuilding the Blackhouse and Croft House cottages on Mint Croft, combining the best of the old and creating anew. We are fortunate to have the skills that brought these traditional Hebridean buildings, and land, back from the brink.

Crofting is traditional, small-scale farming, unique to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. We follow generations who worked this land and wore many hats. Ali is a crofter, a product designer and a cabinet maker. Shaz is a crofter, a passionate home cook and an artist/designer.


Souvenirs of a journey, a memory, a place in time.

This year we launch Mint Croft Studio and Workshop. With our new brand, Forstaris, we are creating a capsule collection of contemporary hand-crafted furniture capturing the essence of the modern croft. Inspired by Scottish vernacular, Pictish patterns and Norse heritage, with a modernist aesthetic. Influenced by such iconic Highland pieces as The Sutherland Chair, each piece a modern heirloom.

Browse our first pieces of Forstaris furniture.

Shaz and Ali